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Photocopy machine can be known as Photostat machine which can be use to copy the exact document. Nowadays, this machine is important in a company with the intention of performing the work smoothly. If the machine experience any problematic, it will affect the staff work as it will delay because the machine is the important equipment in order to finish the work.

News Straits Time Press Berhad is a company that uses the Photostat machine in a significant way. Usually, a company will ask the secretary to print out the document for certain use. For the company I’d been working which is News Straits Times Berhad, they use ‘RICOH’ Photostat machine that can be used for manual or automatic purposes.

There were a lot of uses with the Photostat machine which it can make a photocopy within both pages. It can also divide the pages of the copied one automatically. Furthermore, this machine also can provide us with numbers of pages and sets that required by the person which conducts this machine.

How to use the machine

 Press the ‘stand by’ buttons to switch on screen.
 Place the document which you want to copy in the right place.
 Choose the size of the paper by pressing ‘select paper’.
 Press the number of copy that you require. There’s no limit on every copy.
 Lastly, press the ‘start’ button to start the process of copying.


Fax machine is equipment that is important to the News Straits Times Press Berhad. It is a way to communicate with others in a rapid way. In News Straits Time Press Berhad, they use ‘PANASONIC’ as a brand of the fax machine.

Generally, two days are requiring for post service to send the information from one place to another. But, by using the Fax machine, it can be sending in a short while. This is a way to send the information if another parties require that information fast.

Other than that, fax machine also important to send memo or short notice to the customers. For instance, by sending a memo notice to the company by using the machine. By using the fax machine, the information can be transferred immediately. Therefore, there’s no need to use the Post service to send each information to every company.

There is a lot of uses by using the fax machine. One of the uses is it doesn’t cost anything to you. Which mean, all the information can be send to the receiver without taking a long time. Besides that, all the cost to send the information can be reducing. It consist of envelop, stems and etc.

Before delivery through fax machine, the document that you want to post must be put with the fax form that named as ‘Fax Transmissions’. In the form there is several content that need to be fill by the sender which is the date, company preference, receiver fax’s number, for whom intention, by whom, title, page numbers and notes.

How to use the fax machine

 Papers should be placed in a flipside. Numbers of papers should not exceed 15 pages.
 Press the ‘digital SP Phone’ button. Press the number of the receiver’s fax machine.
 Wait the ‘line’ button to be connected.
 Press the ‘start’ buttons.
 If it appeared ‘pages sent ok’ and there’s tone that say ‘transmission is complete’, that means the fax has been received by the receiver.


Computer is one of the latest technology substances that were used by a lot of people around the world. It was use for the business purposes, industrial and government procedure. Computer systems are used to replace the manual which was by handwriting or by typewriter.

If there was problem that occur with the computer systems, all the data can be save by the process which the same as secretary work by keeping all the mail, company revolutions, private data of the employees and others.

News Straits Time company use ISU Cracker program which is MS Words, MS Excell, MS Power Point, UBS Accounting and others.


Microsoft word program was used by every unit in the company for many purposes like to prepare a mail, resolution and the rest. In addition, it also was used for other purposes for the rest of the company members.


Microsoft excel was used by the financial department unit whereby to be able to complete the balance sheet or any other account reason that ends at a certain period. The function is to make it easy to calculate the account which the computers itself manage to do.

Other than that, this program also was used by the secretary unit to make the chart or schedule of the company. some of the examples were this program can certainly clear up other company that uses the fax machine. Furthermore, private schedule of the company like calculating payment, and also strategy of the company can be done by using this program.


This type of Microsoft allows someone to do presentation of their paper work and to have a meeting which about the issue that happens in the company. This is because, Microsoft power point have some of the special juncture which capable of making our task neatly and exuberance.


This term of USB accounting allow the computer to detect it all the time. It doesn’t need all the paper work but it consists of invoice documents, receipt, debit note, credit note and other account all of the transaction will be install In the systems. More often than not is that this type of systems is use by the company that operated their business widely.

Before the written report of the financial account will be finish, there are a few steps that should be taken by using manually but there’s a different by using computer and without it. By using computer, all the business transaction that occurs will be recorded and it will be record just ones and it will be provision automatically by itself.


 It wouldn’t be any mistakes that will occur when measuring the accounting.
 It doesn’t used such a long period to complete the account
 It doesn’t need a lot of paper work that can be manipulated by any person that were irresponsible.


 The cost of computer is very high which also determine the cost of producing the outcome.


Scanner is an asset to the company to be used for copying document that is coloured or not. It’s allowing the transfer of the document to the computer by laser. By using scanner, all the work can be copied very fast and it was used as the photocopy machine but the scanner picture can be kept in the computer.


 Place the paper that you want to scan in flipside condition. Close the cover of the scanner.
 Search for the ‘scan gear’ file which in desktop of the computer.
 Windows will appear with ‘preview’ buttons.
 Wait until the document being scan.
 When you are satisfied, press the ‘save’ button to be keep in the computer as ‘JPEG file’.

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