Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Procurement : Request Item to be listed as Stock

• The Store Section or Department that uses the item REGULARLY and required to be stocked can request for the item to be kept as stock.

• The process starts from the Requestor.


Executive/ Sr. Executive
(1) Prepare memo to request for New Stock Item with item’s description clearly stated.
Note: Requestor may source for quotations from vendors or suppliers and attach the quotations to the PRQ/PFA. The Procurement Unit(PU) is however not obliged to select the attached quotations should there be other suppliers who can offer lower price for the same item.

(2) Check and verify the memo.

(3) To authorize the requisition.

Executive/ Sr. Executive
(4) Requestor will then submit the memo to PU.


Executive/ Sr. Executive
(5) Receive and record the memo in “Received Register”.

(6) The Executive and the person that send the PRQ jointly sign on the register at the ‘received by’ and ‘received from’ columns respectively.

(7) Stamped ‘Received’ and annotate date on the PRQ.


Executive/ Sr. Executive
(8) Check if the requestor attaches 3 quotations together with the memo. Where applicable, complete the Price Comparison Form and forward to senior executive.

(9)If not, source for 3 quotations. Once the 3 quotations receive, complete the Price Comparison Form.

(10)Verify and sign on the ‘Checked by’ column and forward to Line Manager.

Line Manager
(11) Verify and sign on ‘Recommended by’ column and forward to Head of Department (HOD), Human Capital Services Department for approval.

(12) Verify and sign on ‘Approved by’ column.

Executive/ Sr. Executive
(13) Price Comparison Form, memo and quotations will be sent to Storeroom to obtain stock ID.


Sr. Storekeeper
Store Executive

(14) Raise Stock Detail Master file Advice (MAA) to create a New Stock Item in the system.

(15) Obtain last stock ID from the system and create new ID for the requisition and update in MAA.

(16)Sign under ‘Checked by’ column. Determine requisition from BB1 or BB2.

STORE (cont’)

BB1: Store Executive

(17) Sign under ‘Recommended by’ column. If stock for BB1, proceed to PU.

Plant Manager
(18) Sign under ‘Recommended by’ column. Pass to next level.

(19) The respective level as mention in the Limits of Authority (LOA) to verify and approve the MAA.

(20) The MAA requisition for both BB1 and BB2 will then be forwarded to PU (BB1) for system update.


Executive/ Sr. Executive
(21) Receive the MAA from BB1 or BB2.

(22) Record MAA in Received Register and must be initial by Executive and Store Representative.

(23) Update IFAS with new item and supplier details. Sign on MAA as indication system has been updated.

(24) Check the updated details. Sign on the ‘System Data Checked by’ column in MAA form.

(25) Forward the MAA to:
1st copy: Finance Department
2nd copy: PU
3rd copy: Store

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